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About me

A photo of myself (taken for

Hello, and welcome to my website! (:

Здравейте и заповядайте в моя уебсайт! Тази страница е достъпна и на български!

My name is Bojidar "bojidar-bg" Marinov, and I am a human being. I have been programming for over 15 years (starting as early as 7 with the lovely Logo programming language!). I enjoy writing and am in the process of finishing my practice novel in addition to working on this website. I also enjoy teaching and have a small business where I organize and teach a programming course for kids.

I am a Christian (and a Calvinist, if that wasn't enough (; ), was homeschooled, and come from the beautiful country of Bulgaria.

I love all things opensource, and believe that the future will be one not of intellectual property—or at least, I strongly hope it would be. Along with that, I am a libertarian and free market enthusiast, though not quite a full anarcho-capitalist yet.

I tend to be a bit of a purist and seek to discover fundamental principles and attain canonicity in everything I come across, although I try to balance that with being a realist in acknowledging that the world and other people are fractally complex and can never be understood fully. I consider math to be an amazing tool for reigning such complexity in, yet believe that a bit of kindness can go a long way—way longer than any math can. In conversation, I enjoy listening before attempting to give an unique take on the topic.

Occasionally, I play the piano (and have dabbled in composing music) and do paper crafts (such as origami).

And finally, if there is something you must know about me, it is that I love apples (the fruit)!

Anyway—How about you? Does any of that resonate with you?
It's your turn! 😉 Feel free to head over to the contact page and introduce yourself!

Or.. you can always just browse the links around and "talk" with my website instead. It's great to have you either way! (: